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A few of my FAVORITE Training moments

Finding Your Way Opening/Closing Troop JLT

(Show a Scout badge. )

Scouts, where did the design for the Scout badge come from? Did
you know that it's from the north point of the mariners' compass?
Now why did Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, select
that symbol for the first Scout badge? In his book, Scouting for
Boys, Baden- Powell told us. He said, "It is the badge of the Scout
because it points in the right direction, and upwards. It shows the
way in doing your duty and helping others."

In other words, just as the north point of the compass helps us find
our way in the field, so the Scout badge helps us find our way
through life.

So the shape of our Scout badge should be a constant reminder to
us of the things we pledge when we say the Scout Oath or Law.
Let's think about that badge and what it means the next time we're
tempted to do something we know is wrong.

Pictures can tell so many stories. I hope that the ones I've selected can offer you a good idea about our course. As I add to this section, I'll do my best to carefully select those photos which tell our JLT story.

My Corkboard

Working their way through the Spider Web

Learning what the double bow line rescue knot can do

Next photo shows you how these guys got there

Learning to work as a COMPLETE TEAM!

JLT Candidates & Leaders November, 2001

Was great to have a Bugler at JLT Camp in 2000

Night training class in a pine plantation!

We always throw in a 'Service Project" at JLT Camp

Service Projects Help Build Character

A 'TrustFall' follows a session in Youth Protection

JLT candidates receive their 'Totems' upon arrival - (See desc. on the Home Page)

Bridge Building strengthens outdoor skills

Jan.25, 2002 Team Building Exercise "CUP STACK" teaches teamwork!

The Cup Stack game was played in an environmental classroom at a nature center

Trying to find "Their SPECIAL Potato" after viewing the 2nd. video segment from the JLT Trainer's Kit

This Group of JLT candidates are trying to decide what they 'NEED FROM EACH' other to be an effective leader

If you are able to get a controlled group serious about what they 'Need' from each other to be effective leaders, the responses can surprise you!

The candidates write down on plain white T-shirts those things they 'Need' from each other providing visual reinforcement

Borrowed from C.O.P.E. and found in 'Wood's Wisdom', the "All Aboard" team-builder is a favorite of mine