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These are for the enjoyment of our Troop or anyone who would like to view them
Since so many people associated with our Troop have been viewing the web site I thought it would be a neat to add a page of recent Troop campouts. Thanks for viewing and, and always, your comments are always welcome on the corkboard!

Camp Stonehaven, Sanborn, NY-February 2004
20 of our Scouts and about 10 of our leaders attended camp. It was a perfect winter day where tempratures would reach close to 50 degrees. Not bad for the great Northeast! In this shot, the boys are gathering to prepare a morning of Patrol and individual games and competitions.
Working on the timber hitch
In the LOG PULL competition, Scouts have to tie the timber hitch correctly then race that log down an icy road and back. The group with the best time and the knot tied right wins!
A Concept team building game for Junior Leader Training
Two Scouts during a JLT class enjoy a game of Rope Tug, or Rope Jousting that teaches many different ideas and concepts. The exercise comes from a web site that trainers should really take a look at.
Rules and regulations for the weekend is something we do at every campout right after we unpack
Our Scoutmaster reviews the camp's rules and regulations on Friday evening. They are mostly the same but going over everything sets the pace for the rest of the time out there. It's all good as long as the leader doesn't get too long winded.
Getting ready to tackle the day!
This is a group of our Scouts fresh after breakfast and all set to face the challenge of the new day. They're a great bunch of kids who get along well together, In this shotm they are outside of our Leader Lodge cabin awaiting further instructions from our Senior Patrol Leader.
A Patrol looks on as the others get into another competition
A Patrol Leader, Staff member and a few of our other boys watch with intensity and interest as a few others work on another Patrol game. It's a great day out there and the temprature at this point is in the mid 40's. Pretty warm by February's standards.
Music is performed during our Scout's Own on Sunday morning
We're fortunate to have leaders who work on preparing a Scout's Own at every single campout we have. We're also lucky to have musicians in the Troop that add just a bit of a nicer touch to the experience.

Thanks for viewing the page. Now that I'm understanding digital camera magic a little more you'll see updates more often.