Our JLT Graduation Campout 2002
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Scouthaven 2004

Tr.659 JLT Camp 2004

Zoar Valley 2004

11 of our Junior Leader Training Candidates participated in our camp June 11,12 and 13, 2004-Camp Scouthaven, Freedom, NY
These guys worked really hard to get here. Pictured immediately below are some of the candidates arriving in camp having no idea of what may be happening next. To expect the unexpected is something we often tell our future Junior Leaders to prepare them for "any old thing".

One of the first things that happen at our JLT camp is the Totem Presentation
The circle of 12 fires are set representing the 12 points of the Scout Law. Each boy is escorted one at a time. They recite the Law to gain admittance to camp and report on what they observed walking in to camp. Immediately afterwards,the boys meet with our Scoutmaster who gives them a compass reading to figure out where their Patrol site is to be set up for the weekend.

This year we shared our course with nearby Troop 554. We think it was a great learning experience to blend both Troops together and, we hope, they made new friends forever.
At a late Friday night PLC, a Patrol is assigned to construct a flag pole for morning & afternoon raising and lowering.

It's great to see what happens when you tell Scouts to "just get it done"!
Below is a shot of the candidates getting their personal hiking Staffs on early Saturday morning. Their day starts at 5:45am is is non-stop until about 10pm.

This was the 4th time we were able to use an isolated part of Camp Scouthaven. It is closed this time of year in preparation for Cub Summer Camp and we are grateful to the GNFC for permission to use the property to execute our program.
Leader and Training Al Stanton is ready to teach a lashing instruction. The skills will come in handy later in the day as the Scouts compete for the chance to be first enter the graduation fire circle by building and racing the Norwegian Waddle.

This evening shot of the group was taken moments before the closing fire on Saturday night. They've had a full day.